Craw Father – Greenbug


Greenbug is a JuneBug ‘off color’ we have in stock, but in limited supply at that. Get these bad boys while you can…once they’re gone they’re gone.

The Craw Father is the offer that no bass can refuse. This 3.5” craw bait has subtle thumping action in the claws when moved through the water. The Craw Father can be used many ways with popular techniques such as on a Texas rig, on the back of a jig, on a Carolina rig, on a Chatter Bait, or punched through the thickest cover. The body can handle a big flipping hook but is not too bulky for finesse tactics. Fish the Craw Father and get the message so you can catch the fishes. 7 per bag

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Weight .122 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x .25 in


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