Shockwave 3.5


All the action of a Shockwave in a smaller 3.5” swim bait is sure to get the call in your tackle box. It has the realistic tail kick with minimal movement and a split belly for great hook ups. The Shockwave 3.5 has lots of uses like the 4.25″ but you can add a drop shot and on a small jig head to the list. It is perfect when the preferred forage is really small, when the water has cleared up, or there is lots of fishing pressure.

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Additional information

Weight .122 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .25 in

Bloody Pro Pearl, Pink Bombshell, Baby Bass, Bombshell, Candygill, Chartreuse White, Fisholicious, Frosted Purple, Green Pumpkin Watermelon, Pearl White, Shrapnel


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